Sand, Surf and Sunshine

Living in Los Angeles has its challenges. Yes, there’s traffic, yes there’s earthquakes and yes, there’s lots and lots of people. But it also has its perks. That’s right, I’m talking about our beaches! We Angelenos are only a short drive away from having sand between our toes. I’m a seventh generation Californian. I grew up by the beach. Technically saltwater is in my blood. Any chance I get to spend some time by the water, I take it.

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Whether it’s watching my husband surf or helping Harper collect seashells, being outside with the fresh ocean air is always good for the body and soul. So, go ahead… grab a blanket, some sunblock, and hang ten.


Images by Rebecca Sanabria



Hey girl Such a great post!! Love the pics!So pretty to! I have never been to California. I have been to Matagorda Bay on the Texas coast back in the 80’s when we lived in Bay City,TX! Now that was really neat!And I also have been to Ft.Myers,Fl several years ago and the beach was fun there!! Due date soon right? can’t wait!!


Beautiful photos!! Beautiful family!

stephanie vega


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Have a great weekend!


Beautiful family and beautiful photos!


Love your family! I love the beach too but go to NJ beaches.

Mary Beth

I first thought the picture of your daughter was a painting! Love your blog and show.

Jenn Smith

That is absolutely beautiful!

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Oh what sweet pictures! Looks like you all were having so much fun!We live in the Nashville TN. are but moved to Northern CA. for 4 years. We loved it and I wasn’t ready to move back.Closest beach was San Francisco but boy was the water cold! lol Wish we had checked out Southern CA while we were out there.


Agree!! Is there anywhere else you can drive to the beach, dessert, wine country or the mountains all within just a few short hours?! LA (and Cali in general) is the best!! We spend almost every weekend in Malibu!


Looks wonderful. I wish to be able to go there some day. I live in Sweden and for now it`s supposed to be summer but it`s so cold. So beautiful pictures.
Sincerely, Carolina


Beautiful familia! Ah, there’s just is no such thing as a bad day at the beach.

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