Let’s Get Groovy

Take a cue from these adorable kids who mastered the 70’s trends of covetable maxi’s, bell bottoms, and groovy prints. With outfits as fun as these, it’s hard not to give them a try for your own kids. I’ve gathered some of my favorite seventies-inspired items that I’m sure will make your boys and girls’ closets absolutely “far-out” this Fall!


ABOVE LEFT – Sweater: Baby DegenPants: MABO Kids


ABOVE – Clips: Hello ShisoShirt: Ultra Violet KidsShorts: HucklebonesSocks: Richer PoorerShoes: Converse

4 5-6

ABOVE – Clips: Hello Shiso, Sweater: Hucklebones, Star Skirt: Ultra Violet Kids,  Socks: Richer PoorerShoes: Zimmerman Shoes


ABOVE LEFT – Plaid Shirt: ARQShorts: ARQ, Socks: Richer Poorer, Shoes: Zimmerman Shoes ABOVE RIGHT – Camera Shirt: Kira Kids, Striped Pants: Pink Chicken, Shoes: Zimmerman Shoes 


ABOVE LEFT – Jumper: Rylee and CruShoes: Zimmerman Shoes ABOVE RIGHT – Dress: Pink Chicken, Shoes: Zimmerman Shoes


ABOVE LEFT – Red Skirt:Marie Chantal, Shirt: Marie ChantalCardigan: Marie Chantal, Socks: Richer Poorer // ABOVE RIGHT – Tan Pants: Ultra Violet KidsSweater: Marie ChantalShoes: Converse


ABOVE RIGHT – Jumper: MABO Kids, Shirt:MABO KidsSocks: Hansel from Basel

14 1617-18

ABOVE LEFT – Bows: Free BabesSweater: Kira KidsDress worn as skirt: Ultra Violet Kids ABOVE RIGHT White Shirt: Marie ChantalSweater: MABO Kids, Red Pants:Marie Chantal


ABOVE – Socks: Hansel from BaselShoes: Converse


ABOVE LEFT – Shirt: Ultra Violet Kids, Star Skirt: Ultra Violet KidsSunglasses: We Are Sons + Daughters


BELOW LEFT – Blouse: Marie ChantalJumper: Harlow JadeShoes: Zimmerman Shoes BELOW RIGHT – Hair clip: Hello ShisoSweater: HucklebonesSkirt: Ultra Violet KidsSocks: Richer PoorerShoes: Zimmerman Shoes


Thanks to all the mommies and daddies of these cute kids above for allowing us to have them for this fun 70s shoot.

Pics by Dave Collier // Styling by Lucia Tran // Hair by Blanca Munoz



All so adorable! Nothing better than a happy child. Your daughter is such the spitting image of her daddy.

Shawnna Griffin

hey girl love the outfits! So cool!


These are so fun!

Melissa Panici

These are so cute!


LOVE the little Overalls that your little doll Harper is wearing, and the other little girl’s sweater with the starry skirt–soo cute!!!


I absolutely love the Zimmerman shoes! Our little girl will definitely be getting a pair or two!

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