Dinner at Tiffani’s Celebrity Swag Giveaway

Enter to win a Dinner at Tiffani’s Celebrity Swag Crate crammed full of fun, awesome swag, just like we gifted to all the celebrity guests on my show, Dinner at Tiffani’s – valued at over $600!  To enter, simply subscribe to my blog below.  It’s as easy as that!  The lucky winner will be drawn at random and announced on May 18th, to coincide with the final episode of Dinner at Tiffani’s! One Entry Per Person, 21 Years and Older, U.S. Residents Only.

Dinner at Tiffani's Swag Crate Giveaway


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This giveaway is closed. Congrats to our winner Jody Callan!



Wow! Didn’t even know you had a blog. Heard you on Sirius radio this morning by chance. So impressed with your blog, keep cooking! <3

vanessa wood

Last summer I wrote a blog post about celebrity chefs l would love to cook with and you’re one of them! I love your show, your recipes, and your guests!


Hi! Love your show and so excited about all the fun new recipes you’re going to share!! I love your pink cast iron oven, is that something we can order from you or another website? Or was it made special for your pretty face! Can’t wait for new episodes!!


Love your show so much <3


I just love your cooking show! I have made your roast, pimento cheese spread, steaks and your watermelon cocktail. Will be trying more of your things too!


How fun to let your viewers be part of a fun giveaway that is so connected to a great show.

Name*deb k

So happy season 2 has begun… Love your show… Love the food and baked goodies you create! Really lovely show!

Kevin Hofrichter

Tiffani, Thank You, For all of your thoughtfulness & Kindness
The Photos autographed by you were greatly appreciated by the studio students. Wishing you continued success,Kevin(Kiki)


Just stumbled onto your show this weekend and I am hooked! The DVR is set Love that it is laid back and recipes I can totally make without a lot of fuss!!

Candice Dolan

Really enjoy your cooking show!! You seem like the mom I could totally hang out with and talk food and laugh for hours..I love to cook and my husband and kids are becoming foodies and great esters!! Keep making new episodes – I love it:-)


I love your show. So happy for it to start up again!

Amanda Paroli

Love love your show and all the dishes I have made of yours are a huge hit. I love your website also. Thank you for sharing all this with us. I am not a ban wagon fan. But I truly love and look forward to your show and posts.


So excited for this season! You inspire me everyday!


I already subscribe to your blog, can I still enter the contest? Love your blog and so glad season 2 of your cooking show has begun. Plan on serving your burger menu for my super bowl party. Thanks again for sharing your recipes and creative ideas


Love you and your show!!! You make cooking look so easy. I have really enjoyed trying your recipes~ thank you!

Brandi Quinn

Love your show and your style. I can’t cook – but love watching your show and trying to learn.

Ashley Crawford

Loved the show last night,as usual.Keep up the great work.This is one of the few shows I watch.

Rachel Bergeman

Absolutely love your show!!!!we have used lots of your recipes, especially the cocktail ones ! ;)


As a new blogger, I’m excited to find your blog to use as an inspiration! Love your show, too!!


Just watched your show for the first time as I was scrolling through channels. Loved it and can’t wait to watch more! Stuffed Bleu Cheese Burgers are my favorite..)I sometimes add green olives)Keep up the great work!


I’ve been following your blog for just a little while, and recently discovered your show from one of the morning news programs. Can’t wait to catch an episode.

Robin Adams

I made your recipie for beer battered french fries. They were fantastic. I can’t wait to make them again. Thank you!


I forgot the ‘m’ at the end of aol.com when subscribing to the blog. Can that be amended?


LOVE LOVE LOVE your show !!!


Is it just the final episode of the season or the the series? I hope not the series!

amanda claycomb

I lobe your show been watching & trying to recreate your goodies since day one


Love your cooking show! So fun to watch! My 6 year old loves it too!

Dana Ivey

Happened on your website by accident but loved every part. You are blessed with a beautiful family, home and infectious spirit! Thanks for sharing a piece of your world.


This is great! I follow you on Instagram. I had no idea you have a blog! Can’t wait to check it out and find some great recipes! I really enjoy your show and all the pics of your beautiful children!!

Patty LeBlanc

Love your show…You make it look so effortless! Love how you have your guests help out…

Courtney Alcantara

I’d absolutely love to win this! I’ve been a huge fan of yours, Tiffani. Many years since you started acting. You’re full of life, funny, bubbly and a wonderful mother to beautiful kids of yours. Hope your cooking show lasts for a long time because I enjoy watching, getting educated by you lol.


Watching your show now for the first time right now with Daisy and Ross it’s so fun! You’re still as beautiful now as you were back when you were on Saved By the Bell!


We love your show and we love you!

Theresa Nichols

So excited to learn new recipes and other ways to entertain my guests. Great show both my mom and I watch the show. Will you do a cookbook?

Eliana Zelaya

So in my head, you and I have been friends since the early 90’s. Lol! I love that you cook really food and you make it look so beautiful and easy to recreate. Keep it up.

Lexie D

Love,love, love
“Dinner at Tiffani’s”
The show is amazing, Tiffani has this unique genuine as about her. I literally feel like I’m a guest at her home. Love all the great recipes and cooking tips. Thank you Tiffani, my family loves your recipes!

David Boettcher

Pick me my birthday is coming up in March

Stephanie Zeitler

I was so glad to see the second season come back on because those reruns were getting very old.
It’s great to see you back for the second season and can’t wait until the season 3 etc…


I love your show. I have made many of your recipes and have them saved in my recipe book. They are easy to make yet extremely appetizing. This is one of my, and my partner’s, favorite show and hope you continue with it. Even though we are at home you make us feel like we are there with you. Peace.


LOVE your show…so yeah, if you ever want to invite me over! lol….thanks for the smiles, laughs, and great recipes…you’re a joy to watch!


Didn’t know you had a blog! Always been a huge fan! Love the site!

Hillary Webb

I love your show so much!! Growing up I wanted to be just like you and I still do!! Plus I can always get my hubby to watch your show because he still has a crush on you! Lol

Jennifer Fitzgibbons

Adore the blog and loving your new show too. I’m going to be making your black beans and the Mexican rice thus weekend. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m a blog follower so I’m crossing my fingers! Jennifer


Tiffani you are adorable on your show. I love your parties and recipes! I wish I was your friend! Where can I one of your colorful get an aprons!

Melanie Fogarty

Tiffani !! I absolutely adore you! You are such a girl’s girl … a real cool chick! I only wish I could hang out with you for real, y’know, in person. Love, love, love your show! You always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for bringing so much fun with the guests on your show. Love you girrrrrl!

Tara shaw

Love your show! Love your site. Awesomeness!! :)


Valerie Malone grew up to live her best life.

Kendall Stinnett

Truffle oil +egg salad=
My new obsession
Thank you!


The end of season two is already in sight? Waaaah
I enjoy your show more than any other on the cooking network.
Your meals are doable — watching some shows, I think, “I don’t have the wallet for this,” or “on what planet can I make tbis meal without three straight, uninterrupted hours?” (No average person has that kind of time).
You have a great sense of humor and you seem very personable.
Just a joy.
Congratulations on your growing family.

Anita Jones

Thanks for the beautiful yummy recipes, the laughs and genuine down to earth vibe of the show! It’s refreshing to see celebrities off the red carpet and being themselves. Love the show. And you’re such a lovebug!!

Bonnie Bradford

Your show has definitely made me step up my dinner party game :)

Denise Young

From Saved by the Bell, to 90210 (I still watch the DVD’s when I’m stressed out, always a good escape) to White Collar and now Dinner at Tiffani’s, I’ve always been a fan & admirer! And I love your cheesecake pie Thanks for the generous give-away!


I love love love you since I was a little girl….now I get to cook and share your foodsite with my family. Btw….you have the most beautiful family. Can’t wait for new recipes


Awesome giveaway! Huge fan from way back! :)

Tami Carroll

Love you and your show. I have made several of your dishes.


Love the show, TIFF! I’ve made a few of your recipes, and plan to make them all!!!


Thank you for sharing your recipes. Each week we try a new menu. Absolutely love the menu for Brady’s birthday bash!

Lisa Sopel johnson

Hey! Love the show! I’m a self employed baker and wanna be party planner. Thank you for sharing your great ideas and your family. Happy spring!

Mary Elln

Love love love your recipes!


This is incredible. I love the show and can’t wait to try some more recipes from the new season. Thank you for the opportunity.

Megan Whitney

My 9 year old daughter and I watch your cooking show religiously! You’re so creative and funny! Plus gorgeous to boot! Thank you for the laughs and recipes!


I am very excited!! I love your show and blog. My favorite recipe that I have tried are your Big Ole’ Texas Ribs. It was a delicious hit with my picky family.

Jo Townsend

Just discovered your cooking show and love it! I have already made a few of your recipes and they were hits with my family. This Easter I made your lemon blueberry scones, ♡ them!


Tiffani! This is your calling! Luv your show” DinneratTiffani’s!! You’re great recipes, your sense of humor, family-Husband- children, friends! You’re truly blessed. I wish you had 2 new shows a week! Luv it! Thank you, you’re Awsome..

Norma Cadena

Love your show, you give great tips for easy and tasty meals… thank you


Love the show! It’s so fun and down to earth. Congratulations on you new gift from heaven. Looking forward to many many more episodes.


Your show is great and you have a beautiful family. So excited for you.


Love your show!!! Have made almost everything-definitely all your cocktails!! :)


Great show! Great ideas for the foodie. I teach with your cousin Russ. Keep up the great work.


Love your show!!!


Love your cooking show! Your recipes are wonderful! Yum.

Diane Lawrence

I love your show. U cook some great recipes. While I was signing to get recipes and other things sent to me I am watching 90210. I have seen the episodes ten million times. Sorry to go on w it. Can’t wait to see your next show.


Practically grew up with you and watched you on Saved By The Bell and 90210. Love what you are doing and your new show. great job!!

Christine Ojeda

Love watching your show!! I even dvr it, so I’m sure not to miss an episode.


Love your show! My 4 year old granddaughter watches it with me in hopes to see your beautiful daughter on the show. She calls your daughter her “friend”


Love your show – love your website

Julene Imbert

Love your show. My husband and I watch it every week and my best friend and I are talking about having a dinner at Tiffani’s type bbq this summer. We love all your thoughtful ideas and decorations. Thanks for the inspiration and keep the show going. It’s a part of life now :-) thanks so much for sharing.


A henderson

THATS MY 40th. Can’t do anything because my daughter is graduating HS so I should soooo win this :)


I love your show!


Searching your website for the name of your cute “&” apron. Would be a great Mother’s Day gift for my cute mom. Love your show and how you keep it real. ~Carol

Betsy McNally

Absolutely love,love your show and have tried quite a few things! Thank you for making cooking exciting, fun and not too difficult! Plus your love for your family and friends radiates through the screen and makes me want to get up and cook for my friends as well! You have such a beautiful eye for creating the perfect tables cape! Cooking with you your be a dream! Thank you Tiffani for all you do for your viewers!

Adrienne Conner

Love the show, your Blog and everything Tiffani! I’ll be looking in your archived submissions, but can you share what your favorite kitchen tools are….ie: measuring spoons, baking pans, lemon squeezer? TIA!

Monica Apodaca

Thank you, I enjoy your show immensely!


You are amazing! I love watching your show and the vanilla bean paste is the one ingredient that I would love to add to my spices and flavorings!

Carmela Griswold

Love your show Tiffani. I’m so glad you came back. I watched all of Season 1. Loved it, loved it. I love the format of your show. I have made your Pokéa few times but I make it with salmon coz I’m scared of the mercury in Tuna. I’m going to try your brownies with caramel sauce. My husband and son loves brownies. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re so awesome! More power to you! Thanks for sharing your great recipes!

Laura DiMarcello

Love your show! You make cooking easy and fun! You are s natural! I love the carrot cake and the veggie lasagna I made. I finally purchased my first slow cooker to make the ribs and potatoes this weekend!

Stephanie wall

Love your show and learning new ways to feed my family

Courtney T.

I watched your show for the first time today-love it! I can’t wait to try your chicken & dumplings.


Love your show and would like to get your recipes, do you have a cook book?

Diana Waechter

Your show keeps me laughing & preparing staple dishes with a yummy twist! Thanks for sharing your kitchen, recipes & lovely Family with us viewers. Y’all are a delight to watch!
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I really enjoy your cooking show, your family is adorable and it’s obvious your guests really want to be there. Keep the great shows coming! :)


tiffani i luv luv u & your show i watch every week.even watch you on demand on cable. i have tried many of your recipes so good!☺


Tiffany, I Absolutely love your cooking show! Any chance of “Zack Morris” stopping by for an episode!?


Hi tiffani, i luv luv your show i watch all tje time.i have made some of your recipes& they are delish thanks & never stop cooking!

Melissa Hornback

I would be over the moon if I won this! Especially with my birthday being on the 17th. Fingers crossed! I’ve been a long time fan of Tiffani’s. But I love that my teen is now a fan of hers also. She actually binge watches Dinner at Tiffani’s with me, & is enjoying even more time in the kitchen because of it. ♡ I love how original this cooking show is. I hope it is here to stay.


Such a huge fan of yours always. I love your show and had no idea you had a blog!!! I’m so excited to explore this.


Your show is fun, entertaining, and I love all the different themes! TY

Jenny Peterson

I just want to say I love watching your show. It is always entertaining. My 3 year old son watches it with me & loves it to. You just make it fun & he loves to help me when I’m cooking. Oh yeah also you make bomb ass drinks…lol


I just started watching this show and shes so fun to watch such a great cook and has such a great personality and she seems natural and down to earth and i think she looks great. Shes not like most other cooks at all. Way to go tiff! Delicious food!

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