Choo Choo!

We celebrated Holt’s 3rd birthday a few weeks ago and per the birthday boys request, it was all about trains!

The celebration took place at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park.

Our little engineer in the making!

I think he is pretty excited about being three.

Vintage candy were stuffed into muslin bags as a fun party favor for the kiddos.

And yet again the amazing  Rebecca Singer designed this incredible custom train cake.


Photography by Megan Welker


Calvert Herrmann

LOVE This idea!! My eight year old grandson loves trains as well. Encourage your engineer…. it’s just a part of who they are!!

Jeanine Hamilton

Happy birthday!!
Hope you had a awesome day!!


Super cute! That cake is amazing! My son just turned 4 and he had a Lego cake. At what age do we stop getting cool themed birthday cakes? For my next birthday maybe I’ll get Hello Kitty…

shawnna Griffin

hey girl- this is so cool!

Melissa Ledman

This is adorable!! I love how creative you are with your kids! Very inspiring!

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