Chicken Craziness

My fun husband one day came up with the idea of designing and building a chicken coop. He as well as I both had chickens growing up so he thought it would be fun for our daughter Harper to have them as well. But little did I know what my husband really had in mind.

Chicken Craziness | Tiffani Thiessen | Photography by Elizabeth MessinaChicken Craziness | Tiffani Thiessen | Coop Designed by Brady Smith

We started with a simple idea… two chickens and a small chicken coop…to what then worked itself into what I call, chicken craziness. Brady designed a huge chicken condo and brought home many more chickens than I thought we had originally discussed. Harper was so excited so how do you say no, right? And my husband kept insisting that it’ll being easy. He would say, “Don’t worry babe, this is my thing. I’ll handle it all.” So of course I went along with it.

Chicken Craziness | Tiffani Thiessen | Designed by Brady Smith | Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Chicken Craziness | Tiffani Thiessen | Designed by Brady Smith | Photography by Elizabeth Messina

At first it was great. I loved how it taught our daughter about responsibility. She always had a love of animals but this took the cake. She adored these chickens. They became a part of our family quickly. Even our two dogs, Buck and Pearl welcomed them with open “paws”. That being said…nothing would prepare us for the upcoming lessons in the circle of life.

Chicken Craziness | by Tiffani Thiessen | Photo by Rebecca Sanabria elizabethmessina_026

Our Smith Coop has four chickens at the moment. A beautiful sweet Araukana named Ruby. Two spicy Delaware sisters named Molly and Dolly. And lastly our youngest, a Light Brahma named Mabel. But we have had eight total. We have lost a few along the way. Hard lessons learned for a little four year old girl. And well, not easy for the Mommy and Daddy either I have to say. We have lost one to being egg bound, one to a coyote that got into our yard, one to a hawk and one that we thought was a hen that turned out to be a rooster. That’s right, Anna was Andrew and Andrew had to find a new home. All this is normal to life with chickens but not something you think nor wish to go thru ever. So at this time we are enjoying and keeping close eye on our fabulous four. Hoping they stay safe and sound and can be with us for a long time coming.

Chicken Craziness | Tiffani Thiessen | Designed by Brady Smith | Photography by Elizabeth Messina Chicken Craziness | Tiffani Thiessen | Designed by Brady Smith | Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Photos by Elizabeth MessinaRebecca Sanabria


Tracy Smith

This is so funny! My hubby and I are getting ready to build a chicken coop, and what always starts out (in my mind at least) is a simple structure. But, I know that by the time it actually gets built, it will be much more involved! I love your sign, btw! Our last name is Smith, so i might have to steal that! lol Your coop is gorgeous!


Aww….how adorable


Enjoying your site…so fun!


My kind of dad!!! A job worth doing is a job that turns into awesomeness!!

Jamie Tucker

Hi Tiffani, I just stopped by your new website. My wife and i have seen your cooking show a couple of times and we definitely enjoy it. We have two daughters, Claire 5 and Avery 3 months. We look forward to seeing your future posts on the website. If you post any awesome recipes, we’ll gladly give them a try! :) Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


I love it its a beautiful coop. Ive alwaysed had chickens and so have my girls…. its a great experience


Very cute, they must be very happy chicken I as we’ll have chicken and just this last year we got ducks, the eggs are a bakers dream


Butt Nuggets is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard! I have been contemplating a small coop/goat retreat for years. As soon as I move out of Chicago, it is now ago with your inspiration! Congrats!


adorable! And a great lesson in life for your daughter. I have four little boys (ages 8,7,7,5) and we are planting a garden and hopefully a chicken coop soon! I want to raise a peacock but I got vetoed ! Haha! Good luck with it all!!


I had chickens growing up too! Great pets! They can live for a long time. My oldest hen lived for ten years! Sounds like you had a rough start, but hopefully your four hens will live a long life.

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Hello, I read your blog daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep upp the good work!

Daniel Allen

Seriously. I think your family is the grown up version of my wife and 1 year old boy. We are old sitcom fans from our school days and have followed you all the way to Peter Burke’s wife. Love this site. Share more! Especially all the pros and cons to having our own chicken house
God Bless

Sharon Dodson

Tiffany…..I love your blog, and I love the Cooking Show….there both Great….I to have .Chickens…around..50… Now, one goat…4 Turkeys…and 3 Pekin Ducks…Duck Eggs are wonderful…I love them, there very rich, so they are great in baking and cooking, they really make a recipe even better….I can’t wait to watch more cooking episoles .


I’m impressed. I was checking out some cast members of White Collar online and had to check out your site. Having had chickens myself in the past I read about your undertaking with understanding and humor. Looking at your other posts I like your sense of style and creativity. I’ll have to come back for some recipes to try!

Susan Penzenik

My brother has one he built and it is so nice and the eggs are delicious. Tiffany doing anything else since 90210? Miss seeing you.


Love “Dinner at Tiffani’s”, feels like I could be invited over at any time! Enjoy the family meals, everything always looks so simple and delicious!! Good luck with baby #2, and hope you are back at work cooking soon!!


I love your new show Tiffany & have obviously watched you growing up, but now that I have a family (3 year old son), I can totally relate to your new show! My son & I too are animal lovers & enjoy being in the kitchen cooking as well. So what is the best way to convince my hubby to get a couple of chickens & a coop?!?! Please help, and thanks for the heads up with your experience from 8 to 4!

David Church

That is the cleanest, neatest, most well designed chicken coop I have ever seen; The chickens look happy to be there.

The eggs also look great; Do you ever have “risk” egg nog with them? (raw eggs).


Mon actrice adoree la plus belle!!!! Valerie mallone!!!



I can’t believe you have dogs named Buck & Pearl!!! Before I was born, my mom asked my dad for name suggestions for the newest addition, and his suggestions were Buck for a boy, or Pearl for a girl!!!! What are the odds?!?!!!


I love your sense of humor!

Nan Koehrsen

I love your chicken coop! So cute! Do you get any complaints from the neighbors due to constant noise and odor?


How sweet!

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