Daddy’s Day

My amazing wife has asked little ol’ me to be a guest writer for this article. She said just write about, “what being a daddy means to you.” Hmmmm. Well, with two kiddos I definitely have experience on this topic, but it’s such an enormous subject, being a daddy, with so many levels, that I honestly didn’t think I could even scratch the surface. So, what I’ll do is this, mention some of the wonderful things that spontaneously pop into my head when I think of being a Daddy.

Brady Smith on Daddy's Day

Here goes:

My daughter being so into Star Wars like me when I was her age, my son smiling every time he plays peekaboo behind our curtains, watching Harper hold Holt like he’s a stuffed animal, the way my children smell when I kiss their heads, watching my son laugh when he sees something new, carrying Harper around on my shoulders, trying to feed my son while he crawls in a hurry the other way, quietly coloring and making art with Harper, holding Holt up high, playing airplane and a zillion other things.

Brady Smith on Daddy's DayTT_October-157-SINGLEBrady Smith on Daddy's Day

Being a daddy is the most important job of my life.

Brady Smith on Daddy's Day

It’s what I’m all about.

Brady Smith on Daddy's Day

It’s who I am.


Photos by Rebecca Sanabria & Megan Welker



I love this so much! How sweet! And these photos are so fun & priceless!!!

Nancy Pest

Happy Fathers Day Brady – your blog captured it all!!

Jaime Goe

Beautiful! ❤️


Boston here, :) Brady, you are a lucky man to have not one but two beautiful children that call you daddy. Enjoy them, be silly with them, bring out the serious belly laughs around them. ( seen you on Dinner W/ Tiffani’s) big kid perfectly describes you around those you love. Happy Fathers Day, may you have all the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches your heart desires this weekend…


Hey girl Brady did a great job! Love the post and the pics!


Such a beautiful post. May I ask where the star wars father and daughter tshirts are from? Would love to get one for my husband and son :)


Happy Fathers Day! You have a beautiful family. I am a big fan! I have seen you on Dinner @Tiffanis.I luv it when you guys are on there together. God Bless Your Lil. Family!☺



Jane Pettry

Great article!…a little late reading it though. My dad meant the world to me until the day he passed,


I love this section. Its so magical. Your family is beautiful. One thing that I will tell you is that you are setting the limit for your daughter when it comes time for her to marry she will marry a man that is a family man, high morals and value, treats her well, and whatever else you set the bar for. I love that you all make family time which I know can be hard in the entertainment world. You are making memories that will never be taken away, and most importantly you are letting your children know that you are there for them, and the time you spend is quality time. Quality will always be better than quantity.


Love this!!


Great pictures! I have a 6 year old son and 11 year old daughter who are both the lights of my life. I just noticed Brady sort of looks like Dylan McKay in that last photo with the sunglasses!

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