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They say that Christmas brings out the kid in us, but we’ve got a couple of months before the hustle and bustle of the yuletide season and Saint Nick’s famous sleigh ride.  So until then, we’ve got Halloween, which is just fine with me. Why? I just love, love, love, love, love Halloween!Scary Fun by Tiffani Thiessen • Photos by Rebecca SanabriaThis creepy, crawly holiday is ideally situated between back-to-school and Christmas thereby allowing the perfect time for kids and adults (yes, adults) to enjoy an escape from reality, face their scariest fears, and take part in fun and good natured tricks! And what about the treats? From candy corn to cupcakes with orange icing, the fun of a sugar feeding frenzy is a once a year indulgence that is scary goooooooooooooooood.Scary Fun by Tiffani Thiessen • Photos by Rebecca SanabriaFrom hubby to baby Holt, the Smith clan embraces the essence and spirit of Halloween with gusto!  We love seeing the kids dressed up in costumes and then going trick or treating.  We love dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating ourselves!  Who wouldn’t? Disguises and costumes allow fantasies to come true and it’s become a popular American pastime.  Believe it or not, Halloween and trick-or-treating became popularized in America in the 1950’s around the time that the “Peanuts” characters, Charlie Brown and Linus, awaited the Great Pumpkin.Scary Fun by Tiffani Thiessen • Photos by Rebecca SanabriaFlapper Girl By PotteryBarn KidsScary Fun by Tiffani Thiessen • Photos by Rebecca SanabriaCleopatra Costume by Chasing Fireflies

Fast forward to 2015…the commercialization of Halloween has spawned awesome scary movies, amazing and fun costumes, and given children and their parents (that would be Brady and I) a family oriented fun filled evening! Halloween has become number two on the holiday list and I can understand why. It’s just plain scary fun!Scary Fun by Tiffani Thiessen • Photos by Rebecca SanabriaPhotos by Rebecca Sanabria.


Candy decorations

Hello, just wanted to tell you, I liked this blog post.
It was practical. Keep on posting!


Hello Mrs. Smith & family! I just wanted to say how awesome it is, that you share your recipes, your talent, your family, and your life, with your fans. You have been a fav of mine ever since SBTB, and continue to be, to this day! This is just one more side to the lovely, multi talented, fun, and genuine lady that you are! Thank you for not being so full of yourself, that you can’t show your human side! Love your new show, and continued success in your personal, as well as professional, life!! Take care!

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