Say Cheese

I love when Harper gets a new creative spark. As a parent, watching her wheels turn and eyes light up brings me such joy. So, when she asked to have a “grown up” camera to take pictures by herself like Mommy and Daddy… Well, I jumped at the chance. It’s so fun watching her walk around our house and yard trying to decide what to take a picture of. What she finds worthy of clicking that camera button. (Our pet dogs, cat, chickens, many relatives and friends most often make the cut.) Those are the special moments she wants to capture on the fun, little pink camera she calls hers. And I can’t help but giggle when she points it at one of our dogs and asks them to “say cheese”. My heart doubles in size for sure.

Say Cheese by Tiffani Thiessen - Photos by Rebecca Sanabria Say Cheese by Tiffani Thiessen - Photos by Rebecca Sanabria Say Cheese by Tiffani Thiessen - Photos by Rebecca Sanabria Say Cheese by Tiffani Thiessen - Photos by Rebecca Sanabria

Photography by Rebecca Sanabria



Oh I just love that pink camera!! Harper is so cute! and I bet she is having alot of fun taking pics!!


She is adorable and having a wonderful hobby so young will insure she is creative <3

Gina Willemsen

Tiffani….thank you so much for all the blog posts and sweet pictures of you and your family! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! You can feel all the love through each picture and behind those smiles! Soooo sweet! Thanks again! Can’t wait to read what’s happening next! :o)

Andrea Worley

This is such a cute idea to give to kids! I love it!

Valerie Asebedo

She is turning out to be as beautiful as her momma.


Hi! Just curious about the pink camera. Is it specially made for kids? Thanks! Loving this site :-)




She is such a Beautiful young lady


Tiffani,Can you please tell me where you got her camera? I love it. Would be perfect for my grandaughter. It’s hard in your pictures to see the name brand and type. Thank you

Michael Stewart

Hi Tiffani I am a huge fan and have been since saved by the bell. I was wondering how could I get you to send me an autographed picture of you. Also I was hoping we could be friends.

Tammy Burris

I am sorry, I do not have a website. I am just a fan.

Deanna Roberson

Congratulations on the birth of your second child. Your daughter Harper is a cut little girl. You are a great mom and you have a nice smile. You still look good. When I was a teenager, I was a Saved by the Bell fanatic. I still watch it. Mark-Paul Gosselaar had a baby girl last February and she is adorable.

Deanna Roberson

Harper is a cute little girl. Congratulations on starting a family

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