Little Harper

As we welcomed our little boy just last week… we have been reminiscing about when we brought home Harper five years ago. It truly seems like yesterday that she came into our lives. I can’t believe that we just celebrated her fifth birthday. Having a new baby in the house has sparked Harper’s interest in looking at her own baby pictures and videos. It’s been so much fun to see her expression while watching her tiny self. It has also reminded my husband and I of how quickly time passes by. People say when you become a parent the days are long but the years are short. I could not agree more… just as long as it doesn’t go by too fast.

Little Harper by Tiffani ThiessenLittle Harper by Tiffani Thiessen Little Harper by Tiffani Thiessen

Photography by Rebecca Sanabria



Hey girl Love the pics!!and congrats on your new baby Holt!! Love the name! God bless you and your family!!

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Oh how adorable!! Congratulations on having your new baby boy!


How wonderful! My congratulations for your lovely family and thank you for sharing with us it.


Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your new baby boy… he is adorable, and so is big sister Harper! Time does fly by so quickly. Enjoy these sweet baby days. My daughter turned six this year!


This is too cute! The second picture is my favorite… it’s pure joy and bliss!

Scott Morris


I have always been a fan, but just found your blog and website. Blown away at how adorable it is! Congrats on your amazing success and precious family, including your new addition! My wife, baby girl (1 1/2) and I own a startup baby and kids Italian made sunglasses company in San Diego that supports an autism charity – we have a 90’s pop culture tie in and actually call our pink sunnies “kelly kapowski” and our blue sunnies “zack morris” (other names are ice ice baby, bueller, 90210, mcfly…). I would love to send you a sample of the junior (kids) pink for your little girl and a blue baby size for you little Holt! We even make matching adult sunnies if you and your husband want to match the kiddos :) Email me at [email protected] with a shipping address if interested! I wish you continued health and success! Our website is if you want to check us out! Thank you! Scott, Julia & Baby Avery


harper was a beautiful baby, and is a beautiful little girl. holt looks a lot like her, so sweet

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