Brady’s Journal

A lot of people don’t know that my husband is an amazing artist. His talent stretches from huge canvases in acrylic to small pen sketches. One of the things he has been doing for 16 years is a daily journal. Every day, and I mean every single day, he has illustrated our family’s special moments. Our daily routine to even the bigger moments in our life, like our children’s birth. It’s sort of a scrapbook of memories that I thought I would share a little with you.


Photography by Morgan Pansing

Video by Juice Box Media



I watch you all the time. And you and your husband are very real. :) Lucky you guys.


Amazing!! What a gift – for him, for you, for your children! XO

Kym Jamison

Simply love this! What a wonderful keepsake for your entire family.


Love this! Where can I find the black journals shown above?

Team Tiffani

Hi Donna, thanks for asking! They are Moleskine :) – Team Tiffani

Amy Gray

One more reason to love Brady. How wonderful for your children and their children to have.

Barb (you know me as MPGFansite)

Sweetest thing ever. I am so impressed. I’ve been doing a 365 photo project with my kids (I’m a portrait photographer), and it is challenging at times to remember. I cannot imagine taking the time to do what you do everyday. Very inspiring!


What journal does he use? I have been struggling to find a journal that is easy to take with me.

Team Tiffani

Hi Courtney, thanks for asking! Brady uses Moleskine journals :) They’re easy to take around, so hopefully this helps! – Team Tiffani

Debbie Glover

Amazing. What a special gift for your sweet family.

Cindy Sumbera

We actually have some of the “brady chronicles” and too many sketches to count! Dwayne cherishes those sketches!!

Sarah Rehagen

Wow! What an amazing thing! This is so admirable, I wish i would have thought to start something like this. You have I aspired me to start this up in my life and for my kids and husband. I just adore you and your family. Thank you for sharing this and inspiring me :-)

Lisa Callaghan

Wow! I really love those!


What a beautiful memory your children will have. Words are wonderful but to have the drawings. WOW.

Kathy O'Neal

Brady should really look into artist representation. His work is really creative, edgy and brilliant!!


I LOVE this! What an awesome, God given, talent and a creative way to use it. Your sweet children will appreciate that more than you know. Thanks for sharing!

Estelle Ritchie

I’ve never commented before (though I do love your blog and cooking show) but I love this so much – will Brady ever consider selling his art? I’d be a customer!

Maureen DeFrank

What an incredible idea and amazing gift for your two children. I wish I had thought of something like that…


This was so inspiring…last words made me cry–lovely!!!


Love this idea. I have been writing daily since I was 16 so about 30 years now. Just a few lines about my day. I love the idea of illustrations Please share the journal your husband uses? Looks like a nice size. I used to do the 365 day photo project too – it is lots of fun!

Team Tiffani

Hi Cari,

The journals are from Moleskine. They’re a great size!

– Team Tiffani

Becca Simpson

Very inspiring way of preserving moments and milestones. A priceless family treasure. I’ll start my own! Thanks for sharing


I thought they were! It looks like they are unruled or is it a weekly planner? I know I’m getting specific but I am curious about which Moleskin if that’s ok? I love getting inspired beyond my sentences in my journal! thanks for your response!

Cindy Frederick

That was Beautiful! I have only journaled my trips to Maine but this has inspired me to do more.


What a beautiful gift Brady has!!!! Amazing♡♡

Joanne Talbot

This is incredible … wow! What a gift to have … I wish I was artistic …and what treasured memories you can look back on… Thank you for sharing


This really inspired me to want to journal! What an amazing thing to do for yourself and your family!

Candy Punch

I love it!!! A talent in his own expertise!!! He is really good.


So wonderful and fantastic.

Calvert herrmann

That’s amazing! I also love to journal and this will encourage me to keep writing! Love the cooking show also! Write on!


Love the journals! Love that your hubby does this…can you imagine your children reading these when they are adults! how very cool!
My daughters, and myself, are fairly crafty people as well, and I was wondering what kind of journals those are that he uses….it’s such a great idea!


These are amazing! It was such an inspiration to see–also a tease because I want to see more pages. He should consider a journal flip through video that are becoming so popular on YouTube.


That’s truly amazing. I journal but in writing only. The way he illustrates is awesome. Thank you for sharing!


Hi! Can you tell me where the I LOVE US book can be found? Thanks!




This is the best thing ever! What an amazing gift you are giving. Such a special memory for your kids.


Hola! I’ve been a long time fan.I loving Brady’s artwork and I was wondering what art style influences his work? From a first glance it looks to be an infusion with Polynesian and some madlibs (if you can remember those lol)with a little flare to fill in the negative space. As a fellow Capricorn and artist I am curious. Thank you and stay true!


That is SERIOUSLY THEE COOLEST thing I have EVER seen! Thanks so much for sharing!


This is the sweetest expression of someone’s talent! I’m so impressed at his art, but perhaps even more impressed at the commitment to keeping this up for the love of his family everyday, Bravo!

I’m also enjoying your site… love the clean design. I’m a mom blogger who is also a fan of white background and clean lines on a website!


Wow that is one of the most artistic, creative and amazong things i have seen. Keep it up! This is going to be a treasure for your family in the years to come.

Cathy H.

I love this! I started journaling (writing) as an adult and feel the same kind of joy. I haven’t thought of trying a daily art journal…til now. :)


I love this

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