Blessed with Blue

Blessed with Blue / Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child / Photography by Elizabeth Messina

When we found out I was pregnant Brady and I were over the moon with joy. It was something that we both had wanted for awhile. We both wanted to give Harper a sibling and it’s something she has spent the last year and a half asking for. Brady and I both had said that what’s most important is the baby being healthy. That’s what every parent wants. I have always said, a happy and healthy baby is all I could ask for. So when people started asking us “What are you guys hoping for? A boy or a girl” I honestly said, it truly doesn’t matter. Yes it would be nice to have a boy, since we had a beautiful little girl already. But there was something sweet about having another girl. Brady and I would be able to experience a sister to sister relationship that neither one of us have experienced before. So we truly were very open to either. Again, we just wanted the baby to be healthy. And Harper had many ideas of what she wanted as well. One day it was a girl, the next day it was a boy. I knew she would be happy either way as well.

Blessed with Blue / Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child / Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Blessed with Blue / Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child / Photography by Elizabeth Messina

So, when it came time to finding out… we decided to find out together, the three of us, as a family. Our dear friend Vicki talked with our doctor, found out the sex of our baby then passed that precious info on to another close friend of ours, Scout, who then baked a “reveal” cake as you would call it. Blue inside if it’s a boy and pink inside if it’s a girl. I have to say, when I was pregnant with Harper I knew from day one it was a girl. Truly I did. I knew it, felt it, dreamt about her and just knew it in my gut. And this time around I had that same feeling. I knew what the sex was. But of course was excited to find out if my intuition was right again. (It was!)


Blessed with Blue / Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child / Photography by Elizabeth Messina

We waited till Harper got home from school. We had our talented and close photographer friend Elizabeth Messina photograph the special occasion and Vicki to video it so we could then share with our family the exciting news. As Harper sat between us, cake in front of her… I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy. We took the cake knife and all of us watched as we slid the knife down the center to reveal the beautiful BLUE cake that was inside. “Mommy, it’s blue. It’s blue!” Harper said. “We are having blue!” Tears of joy came running down my face. I hugged and kissed my husband then my daughter. How blessed we feel. Blessed with blue.

Blessed with Blue / Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child / Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Blessed with Blue / Tiffani Thiessen Expecting Second Child / Photography by Elizabeth Messina



This story made me smile. It is so exciting to see a family filled with such joy over their baby. Harper is going to love having a brother. I have 2 boys and 2 girls and it is do much fun. Congratulations!

Tracy Smith

So happy for you! We had a boy first and then our daughter…and they are so very different, and yet so very alike! Although they are teens now (17 and 14), I so remember those early years. They are so bittersweet! Soak up this precious time with them, they grow up way too soon.

MPG Fansite

This is just the sweetest thing ever. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your life. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. <3


Wow… That’s so nice!! Congrats!!!

Blanca Wolford

Congrats!!! So happy for you and your family that has been blessed with Blue. Love your website!!!


That’s wonderful news.

Courtney Thyberg

I absolutely love your page. Your photos and family are truly beautiful. I loved reading each of your little blog posts. I have admired your work (especially as an actress) since Saved By The Bell. You give off such an admirable, honorable, wholesome, and family oriented persona. Your truly a beautiful and admirable young woman. I wish you and your family all the best in the world. Congratulations on your baby boy.

Gina Willemsen

That was so sweet to read! I felt like I was there witnessing the grand event! Congratulations Tiffani! Can’t wait to see that precious baby boy and read all about him and his adventures with his sister! Best wishes to you all!!


I am truly happy for you and your family. Harper is going to be an amazing big sister ……..Congrats and enjoy the ride

Debbie Lynch

Looking forward to your series and blog! Love you and hope you enjoy great success in this next chapter, Tiffani!

India Taylor

This is the sweetest thing ever, I love reading people’s reveal stories! It’s so sweet that you all found out as a family! I wish you the very best and a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby boy!


Congratulations! Wishing you and your family all the best!


Beautiful post! I am so happy for you guys! Harper will be the best big sister! Such a beautiful family inside and out! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy,birth,and life with two amazing kids! <3

Jennifer Landry

Thank you for sharing. Your family is beautiful, it is amazing to be able to feel connected to such a down to earth person.

Jennifer Morrison

I have been watching you since Saved By The Bell, before they were reruns, and I loved you in everything since! I’m a proud mama of two precious children, Maddox 7, and Isabell 4. We are very blessed. I feel so fortunate that both of my babies are healthy and smart. I’m so very happy for you and your beautiful family, praying for a healthy baby and easy delivery and fast recovery! I loved reading this, God Bless!!!


congrats !! Am very happy for Harper to have a new sibling as a baby brother , God bless you all ! <3


Do you have a name picked out? you are a strong beautiful woman and your children will definitely follow after you. I am so excited to see that handsome boy grow up next to his older sister. Miss seeing you on TV!


This is lovely! Thank you for sharing your incredible news & Congratulations!!!!!




FELICITATIONS!Je suis très contente pour vous. Je vous souhaite de tout mon coeur beaucoup de joie, de bonheur, d’amour et de bonne santé ! P.S. Le website est COOL, BRAVO !!!


Congratulations! So happy for you!


Congratulations !!!! I wish you joy and happiness !!!

Theresa Worrell

My husband and I met you and Brady at The Rubicon dinner at the Priestly home a few years ago. After hearing you talk about how much you went through to be able to have children. .and now seeing all the joy you are experiencing it warms my heart :) enjoy. .you deserve it!

Kelly seibert

Congratulations!! So exciting. The color of the cake is incredible.
Can’t stop watching the Jimmy Fallon “Saved by the bell” video. Hilarious

Nuno Hilton

The best feeling In life is that of what God can give us. The blessings, the love and the creation of another life. Wishing you all a lifetime of love.. and endless compassion. Xo

Daniel J. Freburg

clicked the FACEBOOK link and e-visited your website, very interesting, unique and cute….! wanted to view longer but busy and will probably view later. ~ D.J.F.

Dorin Reddy

So moved by your post Tiffani.many congrats for the beautiful family u already have n the joy your about to have.always loved u.god bless!


Beautiful moment to share! Congratulations to you and family!!


I love this!!!! So sweet. Best wishes to the Smith family.

Nata Romeo

Congratulations to you and your family!!! I’m the author and illustrator of my first Picture Book titled, Alphabet Wildlife A to Z. I would LOVE to send you a copy!

Nata Romeo

Congratulations to you and your family!!! I’m the author and illustrator of my first Picture Book titled, Alphabet Wildlife A to Z. I would LOVE to send you a copy!


congrats tiffani to you and your family!! Love your show !


I’ve never heard of a reveal cake. That’s a cute idea.

cara schickman

your such a inspiration love your web site would love a autograph

Dana Ingraham

So beautiful, Tiffani! God bless you and your growing family! :)


That made me cry! So sweet! Congrats to you! I had a girl, then a boy, and then another girl. I knew each time as well and dreamed about each of them as well. So amazing to have an intuition and be right each time. Enjoy!!!! Shopping on both sides of the GAP is so much fun!!


What an amazing story. I enjoyed reading every part of it. Wishing you and your family all the best. Xoxo


Congrats to you and your sweet family. My husband and I went thru 7 years of struggle to have a baby and many losses in between. We had a surprise MIRACLE pregnancy and had our baby boy last December. Much to our complete surprise,we are now 6 months pregnant yet again with a little miracle baby girl. We feel so blessed. God is good. Enjoy this wonderful time. There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant women.


Wow such a beautiful moment, we just had our second baby ( a boy in jan.) we have a little 4 year old girl named Valerie( yes named after your character in 90210) lol -so having a boy was so fun! Let me tell you the transition is interesting,, my daughter still kinda wants to send him back but kissess him right after!!! Funny stuff! Congrats Tiffany and family!! Such a blessing!!!!!

Samantha Merritt

I agree with you totally. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew instantly that I was having a girl. Bella is her name and she is 3 years old. My husband and I tried for almost 11 years to have a child, while we raise my two nephews. So she truly was my miracle. Congrats on your upcoming baby boy. And Harper is gorgeous.


Adorable family love the blue cake. So pretty

Rié | Portobello Design Blog

“We are having blue!” How darling! She is as sweet as she is pretty. Congratulations on your little boy, you won’t believe how sweet they are and just how much they love you. Trust me, one day you will have the flu and he will look up at you and say, “Your pretty momma.” Sigh. You have a lovely family and I pray for you every happiness!! Rié

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Congratulations!! What a BLESSING! Also your daughter is just so adorable and I bet she will make an awesome big sister.

Samantha Argosino

Hi Tiffani,
I’m such a fan of yours and love all the new photos on your website!! I’m reaching out because I am opening up a “Book Bar” in downtown Long Beach (on The Promenade), called The Brass Lamp; and it’s a fusion of a coffee shop, wine bar, and bookstore… and I will be having a big Grand Opening event on May 23rd, 2015, which will have coffee/wine/beer tastings, cheese/meat plate pairings, desserts, jazz performers, art, and Authors!
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I understand that it’s a far reach to hear back from you. But if this is something that you would consider, we would greatly appreciate your response.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this!

Samantha Grace Argosino
Owner of The Brass Lamp
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YAY!! congrats to you all!! I am so happy for ya’ll and I have been praying for you!!

Cindy Guinan


I love your new cooking show. Right now I am having your Meyer lemon and Thyme whiskey sour. So delicious. This weekend I am going to make your pear, Gorgonzola and prosciutto appetizer. Yummy. Keep giving us great ideas. FYI, big 90210 fan.

Love it all,

Cindy Guinan


So sweet! Love the photos, cake & excitement!

Becca Bush

Awe! Congrats, Brady & Tiffani…I know Brady thru Charlie Nikkel…Glad to see you so happy!! Becca Bush

Amy Whitson

Congrats! Love love love the blue cake idea! Wonderful photos! I grew up watching you on TV and you are still as gorgeous as ever!


Such a lovely family, blog, and lady! It is so nice to read good things about a celebrity, and her family! I wish you much success with your new show, and that precious little angel that you and your family a eagerly awaiting! Looking forward to all of your great recipes!


Wishing you many blessings Tiffani and family. God Bless.

Molly Lester

I have been a fan for years. I’m 31 now with a 1,5 year old names Major. I LOVED when I saw that you had a show. Might you give some easy advice for a single mom of one to hide veggies and fruits. Major is (I despise the word spoiled) loving his chicken and French fries. I need help!!!!! ;)

amanda howell

I am really enjoying your show “Dinner at Tiffini’s” your recipes are so great! Cannot wait to try them. You have a beautiful family


Hi Tiffani,

I was just wondering if you every posted the finished product of Harper’s bedroom. I know you posted a “before” on Instagram but I can’t remember seeing the “after”. Thanks for sharing all your stories, you have created a beautiful website.


Brisbane, Australia


You have a wonderful family Tiffani. What a sweet and precious moment your gender reveal with the cake. The photography is amazing.


I love your cooking show. And am so happy to have stumbled on your blog. This puts a big smile on my face. Congratulations ~ I am a great granny who has been blessed many times over ~ but watching your sweet family makes me feel as if I’m sharing in your joy. Best wishes to you and your loved ones ~ ~ ~


Tiffani, you are still my childhood crush :)


oh my gosh, reading your daughter’s reaction made me want to cry! so touching


Hello Tiffani and family! I just wanted to say you are one actress who I have always truly respected! Congratulations to your family on the birth of your son!

Venissa Magana

I am far beyond smiles and my heart is simply filled with nothing else but JOY! And I thank you for this … You stories and life’s moments thus far with so many of us and it made me feel strong inside ( stronger with happiness and with hope that I too hope & wish to experience such beautiful moments just like yours some sweet day ) and all I can do now is sit here and smile! Thank you a million times for sharing this and one last THANK YOU another million times more because I am so glad that I have come across your web page.
Kind Regards,

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